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        1. Pingyu Yimeikang Plant Technology Co., Ltd
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          Pingyu Yimeikang Plant Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in plant extraction, including the separation and purification of ingredients. Now, our plant extracts are intended to provide innovative products and services for customers in the pharmaceutical, health care, cosmetics and food industries. With decades of hard work and exploration, our quality and service have been highly recognized by industry insiders and have successfully certificated to KOSHER and ISO system under the guidance of such development idea of "Pure nature, high reputation, collaborative innovation". With a higher sense of responsibility and honor, we are still move forward. We believe that the detailed and accurate data come from high-level technical experts and advanced testing instruments, and the effective combination of these two factors forms Yimeikang's rapid and rigorous testing capability. Therefore, our quality control system based on that capability ensures that the entire process is in accordance with the requirements of GMP. Under the supports of GMP-compliant production facilities, we have the good ability to focus on the production, processing and sales of extractives of sophora flower bud; modern production plants; large-scale production systems. We want to be a trustworthy company among customers with professional products and service, and work hard to be a successful company because of your trust!

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          Contact: Wu Mei(GM)
          Tel: +86-396-5126968
          Fax: +86-396-5126958
          Mobile: +86-13839916056
          E-mail: woai56@163.com sales@yimeikangherb.com
          Add: 10#, Chuangyesi Road, Chengxi Industrial Park, Pingyu County, Henan, China

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