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          Prospective analysis of plant extracts -

                  Plant extracts are made from plants as raw materials. According to the needs of the use of the final product to be extracted, the physical and chemical extraction and separation process is used to obtain and concentrate one or more active ingredients in the plant without changing its active ingredients. Structured products. According to the different components of the extracted plants, glycosides, acids, polyphenols, polysaccharides, terpenes, flavones, alkaloids, etc. are formed; according to different properties, they can be divided into vegetable oils, extracts, powders, and lenses. [2]


                  Market supply and demand


                  There are many different varieties of plant extracts [3]. The supply and demand of these products constantly change with the year and various market factors, and imbalances between supply and demand occur from time to time.


                  ① Product supply impact Because the raw materials of the plant extract industry are agricultural and forestry products, they are susceptible to weather, pests and diseases, planting area and other factors. The purchase price and quantity of raw materials in different years will fluctuate. The fluctuation of raw material prices makes the prices of natural plant extract products, There will be a certain degree of change in output, and market supply and demand imbalances will occur.


                  ② Impact of market demand


                  Most production companies have limited knowledge of the needs of overseas markets, and may lack scientific and long-term accurate judgments on market demand. When the market demand for a certain product is good, there will be a market imbalance in short supply in the short term, but with the spread of market information, a large number of companies will swarm up and repeat production, resulting in oversupply of products.




                  Radon is a complex type of nitrogen-containing organic compounds with special physiological activity and medical effects. For example, ephedra contains ephedrine for the treatment of asthma, and scutellaria contains scopolamine, which has antispasmodic and analgesic effects.




                  Is a combination of sugar and non-sugar substances. The common characteristics of glycosides are in the sugar part. Different types of aglycones have different physiological activities and have multiple functions. For example, digitalis leaves contain cardiac glycosides that have a cardiotonic effect, and ginseng contains ginsenosides that have the effects of qi, Shengjin, and soothe the nerves.


                  Volatile oil


                  Also known as essential oil, it is an oily liquid with aroma and volatility. It is a mixture of various compounds. It has physiological activity and has multiple functions in medicine, such as cough, asthma, sweating, relieving phlegm, expelling Wind, analgesia, antibacterial, etc. The volatile oils in medicinal plants are rich in Platycladus orientalis, Magnolia officinalis, Xinyi, camphor tree, cinnamon Evodia rutaecarpa, Baiji, Chuanxiong, Angelica, mint and so on.


                  Tannin (tannin)


                  A mixture of polyphenols. It exists in a variety of plants, especially in plants such as Willow, Fagaceae, Polygonaceae, Rosaceae, Leguminosae, Myrtaceae and Rubiaceae. The medicinal fungus that grows on the medicinal plant salt skin wood is called gallic, which contains gallic tannin, which has astringent, antidiarrheal and antiperspirant effects.


                  Other ingredients


                  Such as sugars, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, organic acids, oils, waxes, resins, pigments, inorganic substances, etc., each have special physiological functions, many of which are clinically important drugs.


                  Based on the legislation scope, concept and use of various countries, the concept of plant extract can be accepted and recognized by various countries, and it is also a common expression of herbal medicine in various countries. The export value of plant extracts in China exceeded the export value of Chinese patent medicines as early as 1999. In European and American countries, plant extracts and their products (phytopharmaceuticals or food supplements) have broad market prospects and have developed into a new industry with annual sales of nearly $ 8 billion.


                  The plant extracts in China are generally intermediate products, and are currently used in a wide range of applications, mainly used as raw materials or auxiliary materials for pharmaceuticals, health foods, tobacco, and cosmetics. There are also many types of raw material plants used for extraction. Currently, there are more than 300 plant varieties in industrial extraction.


                  Efficacy of products-curbing cancer


                  U.S. scientists said that their research on bladder cancer confirmed that green tea extract can effectively curb the development of cancer tumors without harming healthy cells. The research team, led by Chinese American scientists, believes that green tea extract may become an effective anticancer drug.


                  The results were published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research that day. Rao Jianyu, an associate professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, who led the study, said their results "improved understanding of the mechanism of action of green tea extracts." If people understand how green tea extracts suppress tumors, they can determine which types of cancer patients can benefit from green tea extracts.


                  Researchers wrote in the paper that the development of cancerous tumors is closely related to the spreading movement of cancer cells. To move, cancer cells must start a cellular process called "actin remodeling." Once this process is activated, cancer cells can invade healthy tissues, causing the tumor to spread. Green tea extract can disrupt the process of "actin remodeling", make cancer cells stick together, hinder their movement, and accelerate the aging of cancer cells.


                  Jiao Rao Jianyu said that cancer cells are "aggressive", and green tea extract breaks its "aggressive" path, can restrict cancer cells, make them "localized", and make cancer treatment and prognosis relatively simple.


                  Previously, some research results have revealed that green tea extract has effects on many cancers, including bladder cancer. It can cause premature apoptosis of cancer cells and block blood supply to tumor tissues. Rao Jianyu told Xinhua News Agency that some members of their research team are verifying the efficacy of green tea extracts against other cancers, including gastric cancer.


                  He said that unlike previous similar studies, the green tea extracts they use are very similar in composition to the green tea they drink, which means that regular green tea may have some kind of anti-cancer effect, at least it can enhance the body's defense ability against cancer. However, researchers also believe that they have only tested a limited number of bladder cancer cell lines so far, and further research is needed to reveal the anti-cancer mechanism of green tea.


                  Other scientists commented on the same day that the results of this research further confirm the potential of green tea in preventing and treating cancer. Especially in the treatment of bladder cancer, the new results will help to find those who are susceptible to bladder cancer and reduce the incidence.




                  GSince Gomberg put forward the theory of free radicals (tripheylemthylradical) in 1900, the research on free radicals has gradually deepened. Although the traditional synthetic antioxidants have strong antioxidant capacity, they are potentially toxic for long-term consumption, and some even cause teratogenic and carcinogenic effects, so they are increasingly rejected by people; bee pollen is collected by bees from flowers Pollen grains, which contain flavonoids, vitamins, hormones, nucleic acids, enzymes and trace elements, have anti-aging effects and are good antioxidant foods. The antioxidant effects of Pueraria lobata, Eucommia ulmoides leaves, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry, Poria cocos, Schisandra chinensis, Ginkgo biloba, bamboo leaves, lemon, citrus and propolis have been experimentally proven. Therefore, the screening of substances with antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity from natural products is of great significance to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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